Rocketfish will be closing we have had many years of fun, entertainment and the love of serving
our customers great Japanese cuisine. We will miss the wonderful community of Potrero Hill.

The good news is that Chef Kenichi Kawashima's cooking will continue in multiple locations.
You can taste Kenichi's famous Ramen and other fine dishes through Kawashima's
Kitchen-already serving many businesses all around Bay area.

Begining May, you can also visit our new location at 667 Commercial street in the financial district open Monday - Friday.
Finally, we will also be introducing new Japanese feast drop-off lunch and dinner .
These are delivered to your home, fresh and on time.

Central kitchen
1661 Tennessee Street
Suite 3B
San Francisco, CA 94107

Sushi to Go Available
667 Commercial Street
San Francisco, CA 94133

Please check our web site at:

We have private chef services and Japanese Feast drop-off to condominiums
and office buildings including bento.
Kawashima's food is available in new ways.

SAYONARA - THANK YOU for your support over the years.